Information of how I work and how much I charge
Here I'm going to share some basic principles of how our collaboration may go. However, my approach is individual for each client, so the workload depends on the type of a project, business goals, marketing strategy, client's budget and many other things. We usually discuss all the details in the beginning of the project.

This is my personal way of how to manage my work. If you are a designer yourself and you want to copy the text - please, contribute the link to my website on the page you place it (text me for more info how). Thank you.
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Landing page

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After a short online introductory meeting, I will send you a brief questionary regarding your project. At this stage I need to find out your business pain points, your strategy and style preferences as well as your customers expectations and needs.

I'd like to get this information in a written way to be sure that nothing is missing.


At this stage we also discuss the extent of my work, terms and prices.
Here I explore the strongest/weakest sides of your business in comparison with your competitors. That helps me understand which parts of your website should be emphasised and how they should be represented.

I also explore the current website and its analytics (if such things exist).

1.Research and analytics

This is a place where the full scope of my work and its final price become clear. I make a sitemap (if necessary) and wireframes which represent all the information your website will contain.


I totally understand that you have doubts hiring a freelance designer. Visual design is a subjective thing which is hard to estimate. At this stage we will find out whether we share our points of view regarding a visual concept or not.

To save your (and my) time and make sure we are moving in the right direction, I DO NOT make the whole prototype at once.

Instead, I'll design the homepage to start off with. It will represent the visual concept in general (including typography, colors, layout, etc.). If you approve it, we will be able to proceed. If don't - it's nice that we have found it out at this stage - so we will be able to decide whether to go further or not, and how we could manage it.

3.Design concept

To make your website perfect, I can correct the content:

+ photo correction (additional charge €)

4.Content editing

red lips smile
+ text correction
I can make your text more accessible for users, correct mistakes and slips.

+ create some illustrations (additional charge €) or correct existing ones.
Since I'm not an illustrator, I create only one type of art in my own style. See more of my illustrations here.
outline illustration
Correction of illustrations provided by clients includes color editing and other simple changes (providing that files have changable format). This type of work is included in the primal price.
I make a complete model of your future website in Figma, so that you can suggest any additional changes or corrections you would like to be done. After the website is corrected and contains everything you wanted, I'm finally able to start the development.

If you want to hire me as a UX/UI designer only, I'll make the prototype clickable and animated (as much as it's possible using Figma). I also provide your developer with a full guideline for implementation.


website prototype
I build my websites using Tilda, Wix or Cargo. Read more about the difference between Tilda and Wix here.

Development using Tilda includes:

+ basic and more complex animation
+ adaptive design for mobile/pad (5 breakpoints)
+ forms
+ catalogs (with an ability to sort items)
+ modifications with code
+ photo compression
+ connection with your domain
+ google speed test check


I make basic SEO in Tilda (Wix/Cargo) which includes:

+ title and description
+ H1, H2, H3
+ alt tegs for images
+ keywords
+ semantic core (if necessary)
+ favicon
+ 404 page (additional charge €)
+ other inner settings

Note that the results of SEO do not only depend on internal SEO settings. It is a complex process that goes far beyond my competence. I only responsible for what depends on me, so I cannot guarantee high traffic.

I also can connect your website with:

+ Google Analytics
+ Google SearchConsole
+ Yandex Metrika
+ Yandex Webmaster

7.SEO & Analytics

As soon as everything is ready, we can finally launch your website! Here we make the last check of functionality and correct things if necessary. All corrections which go beyond initial scope of work will require additional charge.


I explain you everything regarding your website and make video instructions how to add/edit/etc. it if necessary.

I can provide you with further technical support with your website after the launch if necessary (additional charge €).

I will stay in touch anyway. Feel free to ask any questions, I'm always ready to help you!

9.Technical support

Charge may vary!

There are my minimum wages. My hourly rate is 15€ per hour.
The final price is flexible, I'm always ready to discuss your offer. Feel free to contact me.


Landing page
5-10 days
One-page animated website made using Tilda/Wix/Cargo. SEO, analytic tools, mobile&pad adaptation, connection with a domain are included.
14-30 days
Multi-page website made using Tilda/Wix/Cargo (more than 5 unique pages requires additional charge €). SEO, analytic tools, mobile&pad adaptation, connection with a domain, forms and CRM are included.
Online store
>20 days
Multi page website made using Tilda/Wix/Cargo. SEO, analytic tools, mobile&pad adaptation, connection with a domain, forms and CRM, catalog (with an ability to sort items), connection with a payment system are included.
Additional corrections and changes that are not included in a primal scope of my work. I correct my projects for free 3-5 times during the work.
UX/UI design
Design and prototyping using Figma.
Hiring me you get a designer who:

+ highly responsible
+ always in touch
+ provides a high quality of work
+ supportive
+ works fast and always meets deadlines

Press "contact" to send me a request to discuss your project, or contact me any other way you like:
Telegram, WhatsApp, Viber:
+7 960 132 85 49
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